Texas House Bill 180- “Covenant Marriage”

House Bill 180 by Rep. Bill Zedler (Arlington), the “covenant marriage” bill, is scheduled for debate by the full House of Representatives on Tuesday, April 24th.

The bill is extremely poorly drafted and does not address numerous issues that must be addressed to successfully implement a new kind of marriage.  The bill is opposed by Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas because it is so poorly drafted.  Your author is also opposed because it is clearly bad policy (as outlined in my other blog).

Please call your Texas House member’s office Monday or before noon on Tuesday. Ask for the aide who works on family law issues, specify the bill and state your views.

Click here to find out who represents you and their contact information.


One Response to Texas House Bill 180- “Covenant Marriage”

  1. Ed says:

    In reading your blog and HB 180, your argument has as little merit as the bill. You stated in your comments that a counselor would continue counseling ad nauseum because of job security. Isn’t that the case with divorce lawyers? The attorney retained in my divorce was useless and money centered. He did nothing to better my standing, as a matter of fact I did his work. Complaints to the lawyers association a watchdog organization in name only did nothing to reprimand this carpet bagger. You would have to come up with more of an argument than the one you have already conjured. This bill and your comments are as vague as my divorce decree.

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