Sean Y. Palmer  is a family law attorney in Texas and is Certified as a Family Law Mediator.  He practices exclusively in the area of family law and concentrates his practice on litigation in the following areas: dissolution of marriage (divorce), postdissolution matters, support, custody and related issues.

By applying a focused approach to family law throughout his career, Mr. Palmer has developed an expertise in the area.  Mr. Palmer is long standing member of the College of the State Bar of Texas,  an honorary society that recognizes Texas lawyers who voluntarily attend at least double the minimum required hours of continuing legal education.

Mr. Palmer’s commitment to client service, and his selectivity in choosing clients, means he is available to provide immediate and personal attention to those he works with. His personalized approach to each situation assures the client that a difficult and emotional time in their lives will be handled with sensitivity. Sean Y. Palmer, Texas family lawyer committed to the following areas: Divorce: alimony, division of property, child custody and visitation, child support, legal separations Domestic Violence Injunctions and Restraining Orders, Paternity, Separate Maintenance Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution. Serving Houston, Galveston and the surrounding areas.

Contact The Palmer Law Firm at 832-819-3529, www.thepalmerlawfirm.com.


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  1. Sean, You are doing a nice job with your blog. I was unable to locate RSS feed for it. Have I overlooked something or will it be coming soon? Diana

  2. Sylvia Summers says:

    Atty. Skaggs,

    I am contacting you hoping that you can steer me in the right direction. My daughter needs to write a cover letter for an Affidavite of Business Records, we have no idea what legal terminilogy needs to be inserted in the letter. Atty. Skaggs we are doing all the foot work ourselves and learning as we go. Please help us in any way you can. The letter will be sent to the business owner where my grand-daughter’s father works. Her father insist that he can’t pay child support because he is not employed we found out differently. He is a barber which means he is paid in cash, (no paper trail).

    Sylvia Summers

  3. Sylvia Summers says:

    Atty. Skaggs I do apologize I am not familiar with blogs. Atty. Sean Palmer this comment was to you.


  4. kim says:

    My 14 year old daughter does not want to participate in visitations with her dad on the strict decree schedule. Is there anything we can do?

  5. Today, June 25th I was served with TRO and a petition for divorce. Bascially, he is asking the court to throw me and my child out of the house. He is the only Dad that my boy has ever had. We have beed together since he has was 2. I really have no place to go and no money, yet he is asking the court for intermin money for attorney fee’s. He is the one with $80,000 in profit sharing. We have a hearing with a lady judge, in your personal opinion do you think she will make us move out until the divorce is final?


  6. ldean says:

    If we both do not contest the divorce and he wants to give up all his rights do we have to wait until the baby is born to finalize it? Also, if he signs over his rights does that mean that he is released from any financial responsibility?


  7. Joanne Olivia Troost - Joppe says:

    I have a question. Is it poseble get my childsuport after 52 years from my dad in Texas?

  8. Grandparent, to child says:

    My Daughter was killed in a car accident, leaving behind a 4 year old son (My Grandson):
    • My Daughter and grand son have lived with me and my wife, for 3 years.
    • My Daughter never married my grandson’s biological father.
    • Biological father, has never paid child support.
    • Biological father, has been in prison most of my grandson’s life
    • Biological father, is in jail now for parole violation.

    I have a layer, that is working on temporary conservatorship of a child.
    What hurtles is he going to run into?

  9. Brad says:


    I’m really enjoying your blog. I work with Virginia Cornwell of Cornwell-Law.com who is out of Columbus, Ohio. She has a really good family law blog for Ohioans.

    Anyways, I was wondering what we could do to be added to your Blogroll. If you want to trade links or exchange posts, that would be great. Just let me know how we can help you out!

    Thanks, Brad

  10. Wanda says:

    My ex and I was divorced in 1999 and from 1999 to 2003 when I had a job (I worked in Construction and work was sparadic), I paid child support when I could. We lived in Alabama all of my life except for me working a little in Florida and Tennessee. My ex remarried and moved to Texas. I have never lived in Texas but was arrested saying I had fled the State of Texas and was hiding in Alabama. I was transported to Texas and spent 2 months in jail and during this time my younger brother was dying and due to just being him and me and our parents, I pled out to come home to bury my brother. I was under so much distress I did what I had to do for my parents. Since 2003 I have maintained a job and pay my child support plus arrearage to the ex, plus $325 a month to the state of Texas and now have a felony on me. I have to report to the Probation Office here in Calhoun County. I also get monthly reports from the State of Alabama saying I owe over $30,000 in child support and it goes up each month. I’m confused on this matter, but I feel that I should have never been transported to Texas and all that I have been through. I feel I have a legitimate case against the State of Texas and I want restribution for all the back I’ve paid for them (Not the child support-I owed that) plus I want to sue them for the lost wages (due to being incarated for 2 months) and also the emotional distress of being away from my dying brother and I also want this felony lifted off of me. I know for a fact other non paying parents are not felonals. Also I have documention whereby my ex wife is violating our divorce decree. I’m not allowed to speak to or visit with my children. They are supposed to come to me for 1 month in the summer and alternate Christmas. I have not spoken to my daughters but 3 times maybe in the past 5 years. Can someone help me and I know I dont have any extra money as it goes for child support (again no problem) but also to the State of Texas. I barely make enough to live on.

  11. Victory for Victims says:

    I have a friend who has become caught up in the apparently unjust TEXAS CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM under the OAG. I am doing research on this topic and am shocked at what I am finding. Looks like it is time for starting a Website and organizing a People’s March to Austin and the Gregg Abbott’s office! It worked for those opposing the “Super Hwy” which the Gov. tried to split Texas in half with I understand. Has anyone considered doing a March to Austin? And perhaps a Concert like the one the Farm Aid folks did to raise money and awareness of issues.

  12. realpersonrealoutlook says:

    DO not vote for Judge Garcia in Dallas, TX. Right to freedom of speech correct? Depression took over after a year or so. Love for your children does not go away. Daily unhappiness does not go away. These people need to re-set our family court system. Parental Alienation is real and extremely damaging. Even the family court counselor recommended that the nonsense stop and I be allowed visitation. When the money is gone and attorneys begin to dissappear, the courts then look at you like what now?

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